The first bookmarks!
The bookmarks measure approximately 2 x 7 inches, color of the ribbons vary.
Edmonds, WA
Edmonds bookmarks

left to right:
1. All flowers
2. Ferry thru grasses
3. Ferry with dock
4. Olympic Park statue
5. Ferry & "Fresh Veges"

They all say "Edmonds, WA" on them.


Cannon Beach, OR
Cannon Beach bookmarks

left to right:
1. Hibiscus and sunset
2. Yellow daisy
3. The rock in black & white
4. Pink rhodies
5. Sand dollar and rock

They all say "Cannon Beach" on them.
And other favorites of mine:
  tropical bookmarks

left to right:
1. Kirkland palm and sunset
2. Hawai'i palm and plumeria
3. Views from Helen's on Kaua'i
4. Hawai'i hammock and flowers
And I am happy to fill special requests -- any of my photos can be combined to create custom bookmarks.
(with or without identifying labels -- doesn't have to say "Kaua'i" or "Edmonds"...)
Just ask!

The bookmarks are $3.00 each.

Order by sending an email with the bookmark title and quantity.

Free shipping on your first order.

Contact us for further details and wholesale ordering information.


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